Thursday, April 18, 2013

Celtics and Knicks Face Off in Physical Battle

The online sports books have been watching the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics go at it all season long. There is always something about Boston-New York sports rivalries that bring out the nasty streak in everyone. Earlier this season, the NYPD needed to be called to stop Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony from getting into a physical brawl after a game had ended. The people of Boston have suffered a great tragedy and the people of New York support the Boston residents in this time of crisis. But when these two teams take the court, all bets are off and the niceties stop immediately.

The sports betting experts know that this will be a physical matchup, but it will also be an exciting series to watch. The Celtics have recovered nicely from the loss of Rajon Rondo for the season and managed to stay in playoff contention. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have been playing at a very high level since the Rondo injury and that has helped Boston to get to this point. The Knicks come into this series with a relatively healthy roster, which includes a Carmelo Anthony who has been on fire. This will be a very fun series to watch.

New York Knicks

The best sports betting sites were wondering how the Knicks would fill the role left open by the departure of Jeremy Lin. Knicks fans were curious when the team brought in Jason Kidd, but the veteran has proven to be a valuable point guard for this team. Carmelo Anthony is having the season of his career and the team simply cannot win without him. As long as Anthony is in the lineup, the Knicks remain a threat to go all the way to the NBA finals.

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics have had an up and down year to say the least. Just when the betting sites thought that Boston had everything under control, Rajon Rondo is lost for the season. There is still a chance that Rondo could come back, but it would be in the second round of the playoffs at the very earliest. The team has sustained a few other injuries to players, but it has remained resilient and has kept itself in the Eastern Conference playoff hunt. Now Boston gets to face off against a New York Knicks team that has been antagonizing the Celtics all season long.

The Bottom Line

The problem for the Celtics in this series is that Boston struggled to make the playoffs while the Knicks are on a roll right now. The team with the early momentum in this series is definitely the Knicks and that could be all New York needs to win this one. The Celtics will win some games in this series, but the speed and power of the Knicks will be way too much for Boston to handle.

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Pick: New York in six