Thursday, January 31, 2013

NBA Preview: Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets

Two of the best teams in the NBA East will be facing off tonight in a showdown in Brooklyn. These two teams are similar in the standings so it may be tricky trying to figure out who to bet your money on. Every sports book in the country will have their opinion but here are a few points to keep in mind.

Miami Heat
Former NBA champions, the Miami Hear are currently 28-13 and do not look to be slowing down. They lost their last game, and with no significant injuries on their team they need to bounce back. LeBron James is having a season for the record books as he leads the team in points, rebounds, assists and steals. Quite a feat for a player on arguably the most talented team in the league. On the road Miami has struggled going 10-10, but they have won six of their last ten games so expect this one to be close.

Brooklyn Nets
The Nets prove every game that they are the team to beat in the East. With a 27-18 record, the Nets are fantastic at home with a 17-7 record. They won their last against Orlando by a convincing 20 points. Brooks Lopez still leads the team in points per game with 18.6, but the rest of the team has been contributing similar numbers. They do not have any significant injuries to report, so the best will be out to play tonight.
Many online sports books and betting sites have the Heat listed as the favorites by only two points. The over/under is set at 190 points which is pretty level with the amount of points each team allows. The heat on average allow 97 points per game, while the Nets allow 94. This will be one of the most exciting and close scoring games of the year that is sure to be a playoff preview.
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