Thursday, January 03, 2013

NBA Preview: Chicago Bulls vs. Orlando Magic

As the NBA season is kicked into high gear with the New Year, many teams are hoping to secure a playoff spot. The Chicago Bulls have had an up and down year so far, and are hoping to bounce back after a couple of rough games. Meanwhile, the Magic have had a hard year as well, as their roster gets shorter and shorter thanks to injuries. If you are looking to bet on this game, look for an early betting line as this game will probably be listed as very close.

Chicago Bulls
The Bulls are looking for their fifth straight win against the Magic tonight. Currently sitting at 16-13, they lost a very disappointing game to the Charlotte Bobcats. The Bulls need to break out of this current funk they are in, in order to keep their prospects of the playoffs alive. On the road they are 7-5 which is promising against the Magic who only boast a 7-10 home record.

Orlando Magic
The Magic are looking to break a funk of their own. They have lost their last six games and have fallen to a 12-19 record. They currently have four important players on their injured list, making substitutions very difficult. Arron Affalo leads the team in points per game with only 17. The problems involving the Magic include only being able to score 93 points per game on average. Luckily for them, the Bulls only score on average 92 points so it should be a close, yet low scoring game.

Many sports books have the game listed as even. Expect a low scoring affair if you are looking to bet on the over/under on a betting site. This is a game that both teams have to win in order to get their season back on track. We may see the losing team begin to disintegrate after this game, while the winner makes a turnaround. Check out the best sports betting sites to find the best odds available for this game.
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